Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Old Poem

aku buka-buka lagi bloggerku zaman dulu kala... hehehe. Ada poem yang gw buat waktu lagi suntuk nih (april 2005)...


Place where I feel safe
Place where I feel comfort
Place where I feel happy

Place where I can do anything I like
Place where I can cry and scream whenever I want
Place where I can laugh as loud as I want
Place where I can do anything I want

Where I can find that kind of place
Place I call home
Home that not just a house
But also a home in my heart

Can somebody tell me where I can find it?
I am longing for that
I am looking for that
As long as I live

Maybe someday I will find it
And I'm sure that the day I found it
It will be the sweetest day in my life